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Some time ago we told you about Michele, owner of an important company in the South (EAA automazione) that deals with energy efficiency and clean energy. With the team of ilmiofumetto.it and the splendid pencils of Marco Stefanni (Chiavari School of Comics) we have created a character-mascot of the company: Ecoman!

We had anticipated that we would have created a comic in which Eco-man would have explained, through his companies, the advantages of energy efficiency systems: savings, cashback (thanks to tax deductions), zero emissions and zero impacts thanks to the clean energy produced. . We have therefore created the number "0" of the comic dedicated to Ecoman, a superhero committed to the fight against waste (his "Villain" is Sprecox) and spokesperson for the positive values ​​of the EAA

The work was incredible and Eco-man will soon become the protagonist of a great advertising campaign (billboards, van wrapping, digital and social advertising)! Watch out for Ecoman and ... watch out for waste !!

If you want to promote your company and its services, ask ilmiofumetto.it. Our team is made up of designers, scriptwriters but also business storytellers, marketing and communication experts, advertising graphic designers able to offer services for companies at 360 °: from corporate communication, to the creation of logos, to product and service presentations. , to business storytelling.

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