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Fiabe personalizzate

Personalized fairy tales

Creating a personalized fairy tale to give someone a gift is simply a fantastic idea. Ilmiofumetto.it realizes tales on commission for adults and children, rigorously illustrated.

create a custom fairy tale

We are not talking about those terrible books that can be "adapted" with the name of the child or with his face, industrial and standardized products without any real personalization, without imagination. All the same, in short. Ilmiofumetto invents the story, illustrates it and prints it in a precious paperback format bound in paperback.

To invent the story we rely on creative storytellers and writers. For the drawings we turn to artists with different specializations (illustrations for children, illustrations for children, etc.).

create your own fairy tale

The result is that our illustrated fairy tales are 100% unique and customized products, in which every aspect is taken care of and shared with the customer, who witnesses the entire creative process. The printing, for which we only use suppliers and materials of the highest quality, is made on coated paper with a glossy or matte finish with a high weight. The cover can be hardcover and the binding is stitched.

Give a fairytale gift , with ilmiofumetto.it.

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