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smart comics

Ilmiofumetto.it launches a new product! SMART COMICS - comics at a low price, without sacrificing quality!

We often come across clients who don't have enough budget to make a custom comic. This can be for two reasons:

  • There is no full awareness of the work required to make a comic (even a short one!). It's not the customer's fault of course; the customer simply “ignores” all the work behind commissioning a custom comic!
  • Objective limitations on the budget available: the customer has in mind a figure to spend and does not want to exceed it.

To cope with this kind of requests we have decided to launch a new product: Smart Comics!

Why is Smart Comics “smart”?

Because these are short comics, in which the drawings are sketched and finished with a light inking. This allows you to keep costs down without sacrificing quality, which - despite being lower than that of a classic custom comic - remains very high. Here is an example of a cartoon made in the style of Smart Comics!

smart comics

What differentiates Smart Comics from classic custom comics?

Smart Comics is created following some very specific rules that make it a product well differentiated from the typical personalized comic. A little more effort required of you (very little!), A few small restrictions and simplifications ... and that's it! But speed and quality are guaranteed!

Clear prices and affordable for everyone!

Smart Comics is ideal for an original, funny gift, even at very short notice and the prices are low and fixed!

CLICK HERE and visit the SMART COMICS page. Buy your smart comic now!

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