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fumetto su commissione


Ilaria is a young university student from Genoa. He contacted us a few weeks ago to create a personalized comic that tells the story of love and friendship between his boyfriend and the dog he owns. Shane, Ilaria's boyfriend, is an American young man who lives in Pennsilvanya, United States and shares his apartment with his beautiful dog Banksy (could we not appreciate this detail?). Ilaria will join him shortly and wants to give him this special gift that we will help her realize. What an emotion! Ilmiofumetto.it lands in the States and this is the first comic in English !!!

Great honor and great pleasure to entrust this delicate task to Sharon ... but Ilaria was adamant! He wanted her at all costs !! And so, together, we gave life to a poignant and beautiful story, made up of strong feelings such as friendship, fidelity, respect, discovery ...

Proud to be part of your lifetime B&S!

Thanks Ilaria and good luck.

If you too want to give a truly special gift to the people you love, trust the emotion experts. Ask ilmiofumetto.it to create a personalized comic. Contact us and request a quote without obligation!

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