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Alessandro from Rome contacts us because he has a particular request for us.

His girlfriend bears a striking resemblance to Betty BOOP, the famous comic book character created in the 1930s by animator Grim Natwick.
She is also so fascinated by it that she owns a collection of comics, prints, vintage objects.
For this reason, Alessandro decided to transform his girlfriend into his cartoon heroine and asked us to create a poster graphic that would reproduce her in one of Betty BOOP's typical vamp poses.
In a couple of days, after exchanging photos of the subject and preparatory sketches, we created the illustration that you can see below.
Alessandro was particularly satisfied with the work and reviewed us with five stars and a flattering comment.
Thanks Alessandro and see you soon ...

PS Maybe next time we try our hand with Yellow Kid!

Find out more on the page dedicated to online caricatures on our website ilmiofumetto.it


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