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CHIARA COMPIE 40 ANNI! - Un fumetto su commissione come regalo per il compleanno dell'amica

CHIARA TURNS 40! - A commissioned comic as a gift for a friend's birthday

At the beginning of July Simona contacted us for a quote on a personalized comic (biography of a 40th birthday) for a loved one, to be made by the end of November. A few days later, with reluctance, we receive an email from Simona informing us that she has decided to entrust the task to another competing operator (whose name we do not want to mention, although we can safely say that it appears among the very first results of Google). Those are things that happen...

After mid-October, we receive a new email from Simona: this time it is a real request for help! The operator she was entrusted with played a trick on her and she won't be able to complete the job !! Although it was a complicated period for us, with 3/4 jobs to be finalized at tight deadlines, we took Simona's case to heart and guaranteed her delivery in time for Chiara's birthday!

A little more than 30 days of fire awaited us! Yet, thanks also to Simona's total collaboration, we finalized the script and received all the photos in a couple of days. We immediately got to work and were able to close everything in time to go to print. The volume was delivered two days before the birthday! Simona was very happy and our work went beyond her expectations! And since there was a big party to celebrate Chiara's birthday, we also made a wonderful 6-minute comic video! This work made us particularly proud: it was a recognition of quality and above all we managed to make Simona happy, with whom we have established a relationship of affection and mutual respect. Thanks Simona ... and remember, don't stop at the first results when you are looking for someone to make a custom comic.

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