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Sara has a twelve year old son. It would be all too easy for her to choose a gift for her birthday: videogames, mobile phone, electric scooter. Yes ok, but sometimes you have to think about nourishing the spirit! Sara then decided to give her son Emanuele a personalized comic in which he was the protagonist. Completely without ideas on the story to tell, Sara relied on the inspiration of our story tellers to put together all the ingredients of the story (Emanuele's passions): football and Juve, video games (how could they be missing :-), admiration for secret agents.

The result was a mini spy-novel set at Allianz Stadium complete with a super villain and rescue of the beloved. Not bad for 9 cartoons!

Pencils and inks by Annalisa who perfectly interpreted the spirit of the story and packaged a very well balanced comic, full of action and fun.

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