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Silvano and Romina have been our customers for some time. Together they manage a site that offers personalized travel packages to Africa. But these are not normal trips, but safari holidays in the most beautiful parks of the Black continent, with the best local guides and impeccable logistic organization. Exploring Africa and Safari Adventure are the two brands that our nice friends (also certified Safari guides) manage through two beautiful sites that are always updated, full of fantastic photos and information about their upcoming trips and those already made. Ilmiofumetto.it collaborates with Silvano and Romina and offers their customers comic travel diaries that retrace the most important and memorable stages of their African experience.

This time we have created a splash page, that is a full page illustration, which develops through a single sequence shot, some of the funniest moments of the trip to Botswana by 3 couples of travelers with their respective guides. We have entrusted this commission to the talented Marialuisa who, with her extremely humorous trait, has created a page of Jacovittiana's memory, very rich in details.

If you want more information on this initiative, visit our page dedicated to Exploring Africa. If, on the other hand, you simply want to create a comic travel diary or an illustrated reportage of your last holidays then visit our dedicated page .

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