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I 60 anni di Ninni - biografia a fumetti di una

Ninni's 60th birthday - comic book biography of a "toscanaccia"


Gabriella from Siena contacts us. Her mother Anna Maria, known as “Ninni”, turns 60 in just a month and Gabriella wants to give her a truly unique birthday present. She will have to compete with her sister, who has opted for an IPAD ... we assure her that, with the personalized comic for Ninni, she will be able to play it on equal terms.

Gabriella is very good and writes a story that is almost a screenplay ... it will take a few steps to refine it. The story of Ninni is a beautiful story that takes place in the splendid landscape of lower Tuscany, between the province of Siena and Grosseto, between the sea and the mountains: childhood with her family and spinster aunts, her studies in Florence with her friends, engagement and marriage, the birth of daughters and her long experience as a mother, always present and loving. A simple and full life at the same time.

The comic, made with mixed media in 20x20 format, is 24 pages long and contains about 30 cartoons and as many photos. Anna Maria I browsed through it on her birthday and she was satisfied and impressed ... at least as much as the IPAD!

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