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Pablo and Fosca: a Disney-style love story

Pablo contacts us from Switzerland. He wants to make a special gift to his wife Fosca. In a few weeks it is their third wedding anniversary and Pablo has decided to contact the team to create a personalized comic that traces the most salient stages of their love story. He decides to do it Disney-style, and asks to turn him and Fosca into Mickey and Minnie. So we propose to transform all the protagonists of their love story into perfect "Disneyane" extras: and so friends, relatives and acquaintances become Pippo, Gambadilegno, Commissioner Basettoni, Archimede, Donald, etc. After a week dedicated to writing the script, we finally have an idea of ​​the final product: a wonderful 24-page comic, with a precious hard cover and printed on high quality photographic paper. All strictly in color! This is a job for Marianna !! And in fact Marianna, knowing that it is a rather long and demanding job and that the time available is relatively short, immediately gets to work. It amazes everyone with its speed! In two days he churns out the drafts of 24 cartoons ... and it is the quality of his stroke (even in draft!) That amazes Pablo (so much so that he thinks that his work can be the result of an automaton !!).

From that moment the ballet begins via whatsapp: an intense exchange of drafts, comments, voice messages ... up to the inked and finally colored cartoons. In short, we were able to print in time and deliver the comic to Pablo's home, exactly the day before their wedding anniversary. Really perfect timing! Pablo's judgment could only be enthusiastic!

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