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regalo di compleanno 40 anni


Roberta contacts us from Rome. On the occasion of her husband Paolo's 40th birthday, Roberta was looking for an original gift idea and ended up on the page of ilmiofumetto.it.

Not coincidentally, since our site is a mine of original gift ideas, always comic-themed of course. Roberta has very clear ideas and we give her some suggestions to find the right product for her, considering her budget constraints!

We opt for a cartoon of 12 black and white vignettes, bound in staple. Roberta wants to retrace the salient stages of her love affair with Paolo, a story that began a little "laboriously" because Paolo was the supported and the brilliant, resulting a little unpleasant. But then, during a piracy-themed party, Paolo stole Roberta's heart and kept it as the most precious of pirate treasures. So much so that after a few years the two are married and now their family is cheered by the presence of two children. We have tried to tell all this with the usual irony and the usual obsessive attention to every detail. We were able to pack a delightful album of memories, masterfully illustrated by our good Samantha, that Paolo and Roberta will be able to browse and tell their children whenever they want. And paolo will never forget his 40th birthday again! It is appropriate to say ... ilmiofumetto.it was a convict !!

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