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Raise your hand if you haven't had spicy fantasies about Margot. Yes, you got it right, Lupine III's busty girlfriend (or so he always thought!). Skin like porcelain, silky red hair, thin lips and above all a powerful "air bag" that the astute anime marketing geniuses wanted at all costs.

Because let's face it, many of us were not only interested in the exploits of the sympathetic thief or the feats of Ghemon and Gighen ... but above all the extraordinary minnes of Margot.

This client of ours (who we won't mention for privacy reasons) wanted to make a teenage dream come true and asked us to make a comic in which he plays poker with Margot, or rather strip-poker.

We have entrusted the creation of this soft-anime to the talented Rebecca, known as Becky, new entry of the ilmiofumetto.it team of designers. Using halftones and screens, as in the best manga tradition, Becky has created an erotic crescendo, in which the beautiful Margot (someone remembers her as Fujiko) systematically loses every hand and gradually takes off a garment. With his embarrassment, the excitement of the reader inevitably grows, up to the explosive epilogue, which however we will not publish to whet your imagination and protect our client.

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