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Silvia, from Milan, contacts us to make a comic story to give to her big brother (we noticed that it happens often !! .. the brothers really love each other!) On the occasion of his birthday. It is a nice character who divides his life between the passion for work (he is a kind of scientist ..) and dedication to the family, attention to others, etc.

Silvia sees her brother as a real superhero, capable of extraordinary feats, always ready to dispense smiles, help, time ...

She already had the story in her head and to help write it, we gave her an example of a script. Silvia was very good and within a few hours she sent us the finished script, the photos and a series of extremely precise indications.

For this work we relied on the mastery of David, an expert on the superhero theme and with a clean and clear sign, just as Silvia liked.

We tried to meet Silvia, on the maximum budget she had available, and we proposed printing on canvas: 9 cartoons arranged on a 30x30 square cotton canvas. The work was greatly appreciated and Silvia awarded us with a 5-star review!

Thanks Silvia! We hope your brother appreciates the gift.

Find out for yourself how to make a comic on canvas. Visit the dedicated page !

cartoon printed on canvas

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