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Loredana contacts us from Cernusco sul Naviglio, where she lives with her family. And Loredana's goal is precisely to make a gift to the teacher of her daughter's class. What better way to give this gift than with a personalized comic?

Loredana commissioned us to make a color comic in a humorous style. In the end we opt for a comic in 16 scenes, which tells the special relationship that binds each child to the teacher, with a series of hilarious and exciting anecdotes.

The realization was entrusted to Fabrizio, a talented illustrator for children. If you too want to make a truly special gift, trust the emotion experts. Ask to create a personalized comic. We have over 30 products in the catalog to satisfy every taste and wallet need. You can also count on over 40 different drawing styles , including realistic, humorous, cartoon and manga.

Our customer service will not only assist you in every step of the creative process, but will assist you in recommending the best possible solution. That's why over 200 customers gave us a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Read our reviews and find out why our customers were so satisfied.

What are you waiting for ?! Ask us for a quote now and create your personalized comic!

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