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fumetto personalizzato manga


Michele from Sestri Levante contacts us, who wants to create a personalized comic, with a Manga style, to be precise.

He and llaria, his girlfriend, have created a fantasy world and want to give life to a saga with characters invented by them. Michele is extremely precise and has ready-made subject, script and character sheets. We just worry about fixing something here and there and sketching out the layouts.

We entrust the task to ShaDe, one of our most valid collaborators, who has a very fresh and clean Manga style. Michele immediately appreciates the stretch and let's go!

In a few days we characterize the characters and once approved by Michele, we attack the boards!

LightOrb issue "0" is ready and it's a project with extraordinary potential! Soon together with Michele we will announce the official launch on the web. And if things go well we could even think about working on the first issue !!!


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