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Valeria writes to us from Rome. He wants to make a Simpson-style cartoon illustration of his family. He would like to make a picture of it to hang on the living room wall. We entrust the task to Marianna, while Valeria sends us photos of her loved ones and describes how she would like them to be represented in the guise of the cute yellow characters from the world of Matt Groening.

Marianna has a perfect humor for this commission and manages to transform Valeria and her family (husband and two children) into a perfect cartoon of the Simpsons.

We print the illustration on canvas in a panoramic 20x30 format and send it to Valeria well in advance of the delivery deadline.

Valeria, very happy, will turn to us again for a gift to her brother.

See you soon Marge ... um, Valeria and thank you very much!

If you are looking for an original gift to celebrate a special occasion, ask us for a no-obligation quote . We will certainly be able to offer you the best solution for your needs and your budget!

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