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regalo originale per lui

Your story in a comic!

It is always difficult to decide what to give. Be it special occasions such as a wedding anniversary or 60 year birthday. There is often the risk of giving trivial or useless gifts, objects that will probably end up in a drawer or will be buried in dust for years.

Yet people are continually looking for original gifts, unique and exclusive gift ideas. Today you can stop looking because n oi de ilmiofumetto.it focuses on "EMOTIONAL GIFTS": our MISSION is "to give emotions". We are talking about non-material gifts, but made with the heart, because they tell life stories of which you and the people you love are the protagonists.

Our birthday or anniversary surprises are beautiful personalized comics; funny comics but also moving, comics capable of narrating - through images and texts - pieces of the life of a couple, a family, mothers and grandparents. Stories to browse through to relive the thrill of affectionate and exciting memories whenever you want.

All handmade by professional illustrators, who come from the best Italian comic schools, in the style you prefer (take a look at the ilmiofumetto.it team and discover the styles ).

And obviously in this situation, in which we will find ourselves staying at home for a long time, without having the opportunity to spend time looking for the right gifts for our loved ones, the remote gift is essential. Ilmiofumetto.i is the idea that was missing! You make yourself comfortable, choose the gift idea that suits you best, customize it via chat with our artists and decide who to send it to. In digital or printed format ... it doesn't matter!

Visit our proposals and give an emotion! Only with ilmiofumetto.it

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