Miriam is a mom. We understood it immediately, as soon as we spoke to each other. A mother who sees her "child" become a "boy" and make that delicate transition that we call "adolescence". A complicated age for everyone, made up of great changes. An age often characterized by rebellion and a desire for autonomy, for detachment from the womb. It is therefore a difficult age also for parents, especially for mothers. In this particular moment in Alessandro's life, who is about to turn 14, his mother wants to remind him of all the affection and love he is capable of, remind him that she is there and will always be there, that he can always count on her. Difficult to find the words to do it.

And then Miriam relies on poetry and the power of comics. Together with Miriam we studied an illustration that represented mother and child, distant yet close, incorporating the text of a magnificent thought dedicated to Alexander. Emanuele took care of the graphics and the result lived up to Miriam's expectations.

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    Delia Peres
    Oct 17, 2022 at 14:16

    mi piacerebbe un biglietto così con la data 10 ottobre firmato nonna

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