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ilmiofumetto is a service for the creation of personalized comics , we transform your stories into comic books: love stories, biographies, travel diaries, fairy tales for children ... without limits to the imagination. We also have a Business division that carries out projects for companies. In our catalog there are over 25 products .

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Have you always wanted to write your life story? Would you like to make an original gift to your girlfriend or your wife? Would you like to remember your last holidays in a fun and unique way? Have you invented a fairy tale for your children? THEN YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! We transform your emotions and the best moments of your life into beautiful illustrated stories. And you are the PROTAGONIST!

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C4B helps companies to communicate in a clearer, more memorable and persuasive way both to their employees - improving the climate and engagement - and to the market, generating awareness on the products and services offered and facilitating the acquisition of new customers .

That's why, we at ilmiofumetto.it, have invented an innovative and versatile toolkit that will allow your company, large or small, to be a protagonist in the world of digital communication. Whether it's communicating with your customers or within your organization, comics, trust me, are the perfect tool.

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Le mille e una notte a Dubai

  • webmaster ilmiofumetto.it
  • 30 January, 2024

Nelle dinamiche della vita, l'amicizia può trasformarsi in un tesoro prezioso, superando le distanze e creando ricordi indelebili. S...

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Un Viaggio d'Amore

  • webmaster ilmiofumetto.it
  • 25 January, 2024

L'amore è una storia che si scrive giorno dopo giorno, un'avventura che evolve e si arricchisce di significato. Filippo ha scelto Il...

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Due Enneatipi

  • Luca Buonaccorsi
  • 22 January, 2024

Quando l'amore è così unico da meritare una rappresentazione speciale, l'arte personalizzata diventa il mezzo perfetto per raccontar...

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Vele Nere: L'Incubo di Marcello nel Mondo di Dylan Dog

  • Luca Buonaccorsi
  • 22 January, 2024

L'arte personalizzata raggiunge nuove vette quando si fonde con la passione e l'immaginazione. Questa è la storia di "Vele Nere", un...

More info

Lucia & Family diventano gialli!

  • webmaster ilmiofumetto.it
  • 19 January, 2024

Lucia ha trasformato la sua famiglia in un'iconica famiglia del fumetto con un'illustrazione speciale. La scena, disegnata con maest...

More info

Una Partita Epica: Paperi vs Banda Bassotti

  • Luca Buonaccorsi
  • 16 January, 2024

Andrea ha reso il Natale del suo piccolo campione del basket unico con un'illustrazione sorprendente. La scena, ideata da Andrea e d...

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Celebrity endorsement


Gentilissimi, sempre disponibili in ogni fase del lavoro e veramente in gamba: hanno illustrato una mia fiaba e creato un fantastico libro che mi ha emozionata! Le illustrazioni della disegnatrice Elisa hanno rispecchiato in pieno le mie parole ed espresso con dolcezza, chiarezza e bellezza tutto quello che volevo trasmettere. Sono davvero grata, perché hanno realizzato un mio piccolo sogno! Li consiglio con tutto il cuore!


Fiaba Personalizzata

Complimenti al lavoro di Luca e a tutto lo staff per il fumetto realizzato per i 50 di una cara amica

Maria R

Copertina "classici del fumetto"

Well, what can I say ?! Marianna's work is a masterpiece !! Despite the short time available, the 20-scene comic (20 !!!) was delivered not even 20 days after ordering! The most surprising thing is the thrill of seeing Marianna's first sketches and how the comic really seems to make you relive the key moments! I am really happy and sure I will ask for more! You are space !! Clearly vote 5!

Pablo D.


Tavola stile realistico personalizzata basata su alcune foto. Seguita passo passo, il referente era sempre disponibile e "sul pezzo" :) , unico piccolo neo: è stato un attimo complicato far capire al disegnatore le intenzioni nonostante un'anteprima fatta da me e le indicazioni iniziali, ma poi ce l'abbiamo fatta e il risultato è stato davvero bello, senza contare che eravamo sempre in contatto per capire la cosa migliore da fare e non mi hanno mai lasciata "sola". Al festeggiato poi è piaciuto un sacco. Grazie!


Fumetto breve realistico

I contacted ilmiofumetto.it to give my wife an anniversary gift: a print on canvas that would represent the main events of our history in a humorous way. Although initially I had confused ideas, Luca clarified all my doubts, guided me in every phase, and finally we developed the project together. Thanks Luca, for your courtesy and professionalism! The designer who followed my project, Gianfranco, hit the mark not only for the graphic rendering, which reflects exactly what I was looking for, but also for his creative ability: he managed to imbue the scenes with comedy, inserting details that do not they may not make you laugh every time your eye falls. The print is of excellent quality, and the delivery was very fast! In short, everything perfect. Highly recommended

Antonio C.

Fumetto stile cartoon su tela

It turned out simply amazing 🥰 thanks for the attention to detail and availability shown in recent months. For a special and unique gift, I will advise anyone to trust you, no doubt !! Thanks in particular to the designer Asja, I could not have imagined a more beautiful drawing! 5 points

Eva B.

Fumetto breve su quadro con cornice

My experience with the guys from "ilmiofumetto.it" was more than positive. Attentive to the needs of the customer and his requests (even the most bizarre ones). Patience and professionalism distinguish Luca, who collaborates with a highly qualified and dedicated staff. In particular Davide, who took care of the work I commissioned: very creative, nice and precise in grasping the customer's needs. I recommend "ilmiofumetto" to all those who want to create a unique and fun surprise.

Claudio P

Fumetto personalizzato in fotolibro

A big thank you to Marialuisa, for having come up with a beautiful project from my not so clear idea. A super thanks to Luca, who with his professionalism, availability, but above all taaaaanta patience, advises and helps you step by step so that what you have in mind can be realized. Thanks a lot guys, this time you were great too 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Giorgia G.

Caricatura cartoon su pannello



Erika, has a beautiful daughter who is passionate about Manga. So he decided to contact ilmiofumetto.it to create a commissioned illustration. Asja depicted Erika's daughter in a carefree pose, with a hand bike and all her passion for art in the bike basket: colors, a canvas ... all against the backdrop of a wonderful Japanese landscape, among trees of cherry blossom and the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji.

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