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Gabriele da Roma wants to give a personalized comic to his wife Rossella. The comic tells the love story between the two, from the moment they met until the wedding and the happy news of the arrival of a child. Gabriele described the story to us using our template and Davide, the designer, translated it all into fantastic realistic-style illustrations.

The comic, in color and consisting of 12 pages, was printed in an A5 format booklet and delivered to Gabriele's home in time for the anniversary date. We must admit that it was a real race against time because in less than 10 days we completed the work, thus collecting and winning one of the most difficult challenges that have ever happened to us. It was a team effort and Davide's speed, combined with his professionalism and Gabriele's maximum collaboration, allowed this little miracle! Gabriele's satisfaction was the greatest reward for us!

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