fumetto personalizzato da regalare


Veronica contacts us. She would like to give her boyfriend a special gift before Christmas. Despite the extremely complicated period, with a lot of work on hand, we get some space to carry out Veronica's project and fulfill her wishes.

We find the best solution for you, compatible with your budget and tight deadlines. We opt for a print on heavy weight paper and a gray scale: 4 cartoons that describe as many moments of great happiness for Veronica and her partner ... the passion for Latin dances, holidays in Ibiza, intimate and special anecdotes for this young couple so close-knit.

The result fully satisfied Veronica who received the package a few days before the deadline.

If you too want to give a special gift to those you love, choose ilmiofumetto.it

Thanks Veronica for the wonderful review you left us.

short comic

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