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cosa regalare alla mamma


Chiara contacts us from Tuscany (and more precisely from the land where Michelangelo chose the most prestigious marbles to create his sculptural masterpieces ... guess which one ?!) because she wants to make a special gift to her adorable aunt.

Chiara's aunt does a fascinating job, the librarian, which she will soon have to leave to enjoy a well-deserved retirement rest. To worthily celebrate this event, Chiara has seen fit to give her aunt a personalized comic that tells the "transition" from the routine of working life to the big "question" of retired life.

Chiara turned to ilmiofumetto.it, sure to find valid support, advice and above all a solution that would meet her financial resources. We therefore decided to create a mini-comic in 6 scenes (including the cover) for Chiara, in a digital version, in black and white; strictly humorous style ... in perfect harmony with the tone of the story.

What awaits the poor auntie, accustomed to preserving and defending the sacred silence of the library from hordes of vociferous undisciplined teenagers? The tranquility and intimacy of your study, your favorite readings, your beloved flowers?

None of this, if the family mènage is made lively by a mother who is too sprightly for her age and by a husband with a hiatal hernia !!

We'll see ... in the meantime, best wishes to this nice librarian aunt for the new life that awaits her!

If you want to make a truly original gift to the people you love, contact us and view the pages relating to the personalized comic . S cover all the gift ideas that ilmiofumetto.it makes available to its customers and request a quote immediately ! It is fast and easy!

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