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storia d'amore a fumetti


Pamela contacts us from Perugia to give her partner a Christmas present. Our mission is to excite by telling stories in a unique way. And this is the spirit that Pamela has perfectly captured by choosing to depict her love story in 5 cartoons. Without even a word. Only carefully chosen images that represent the most intimate moments spent together. 5 snapshots of life that have such a personal meaning for the two protagonists that there is no need for words to describe anything else. Cartoon essence!

For us these stories are a gamble because, like Pamela, we are convinced that proclamations or prolixity are not needed to tell a love story. We must be convinced to choose the right moments, the most dense and intense ones. Pamela decided to print her short comic on a 30x40 rigid panel. The package was delivered to your home a few days before the agreed deadline ... and this earned us the usual 5-star review! Thanks Pamela and Merry Christmas from ilmiofumetto.it!

Discover our short comics and make a special gift to the people you love.

We at ilmiofumetto.it can give life and body to all your fantasies: from personalized comics, to illustrations, to cartoon-style caricatures, to simpsonizations. Over 30 products in the catalog and the only ones in Italy to boast a community of artists trained in the best comic schools in Italy, able to draw in every possible style . A team of consultants ready to find the best solution for your pocket and your requests. A customer service that is always active and able to assist you at any time. Ask us for a quote now and put us to the test! If you have an idea, we make it possible! Read our reviews and you will find out why almost 200 customers gave us 4.9 !!!

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