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The cartoon style (also called humorous) excites, amuses, amazes. In short, it perfectly embodies the mission of ilmiofumetto.it. It is the most appreciated and requested style by our customers, for its versatility, for the richness of different traits that can be found among our artists, for the ability to be suitable for every narrative tone: from love stories, to travel diaries, to personalized fairy tales for young and old. It lends itself well to birthday gifts, anniversaries, comic biographies, Disney-style portraits or "Simpsons".

From the comic, to the grotesque, to the caricature, the cartoon style is present in all our products (except in erotic comics ...) and is practiced by almost 30 cartoonists, graduates from the best academies and schools of comics in Italy, who make proudly part of our team.

In the cartoon style we always try to capture the salient physical features of the characters (mostly hairstyle, visa shape, typical expression, clothing, accessories ...) to ensure a certain "sui generis" similarity.

I nostri ultimi lavori in stile Cartoon

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Le mille e una notte a Dubai

Nelle dinamiche della vita, l'amicizia può trasformarsi in un tesoro prezioso, superando le distanze e creando ricordi indelebili. Stefano ha voluto immortalare la sua storia co...

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Due Enneatipi

Quando l'amore è così unico da meritare una rappresentazione speciale, l'arte personalizzata diventa il mezzo perfetto per raccontare una storia d'amore. Francesca ha scelto IlM...

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Lucia & Family diventano gialli!

Lucia ha trasformato la sua famiglia in un'iconica famiglia del fumetto con un'illustrazione speciale. La scena, disegnata con maestria da Marianna del team ilmiofumetto.it, cat...

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