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Clarissa wrote a fairy tale. A fairytale that talks about frightening monsters but also about love and courage. But let's start from the beginning ... because this is a really good story.

We were talking about Clarissa ... young mother of a beautiful little girl, who lives in a small town in Valle D'Aosta, which in itself is a fairytale setting. He contacted us a few months ago because he would like the comic to draw a comic about a story he wrote. So we have it sent and we are struck by a really beautiful, original story. Of those that make you think ...

The protagonists of this story are mother and daughter who each have to face their own monster. They do it with the weapons they have at their disposal: courage, irony, the ability to get naked ... but above all a lot of love. After reading it we are convinced that it could not be the comic, the right way to put this story on paper. So we proposed to Clarissa to make an illustrated book: a fairy tale to be precise.

We entrusted the work to the talented Elisa, who in our opinion was perfect for this commission: and in fact Elisa created some masterpiece illustrations, perfectly suited for this kind of storytelling! The layout has been treated in detail, from the choice of the font to the format. For the press, we could only choose the hardcover paperback, in order to give the volume the maximum prestige.

We will not be telling you what this story is about because we are convinced that you will soon find it in the bookstore, even though it is profound and out of the ordinary.

But we can tell you that we are happy to have contributed to making Clarissa's dream come true and we hope that many mothers will be able to read this fairy tale one day.

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