matrimonio a fumetti su commissione

Mother's heart: a comic wedding!

Letizia da Piacenza is a very advanced mother because she decided to give a very special gift to her son who is getting married: a personalized comic that tells the love story with his future wife. Letizia has a rather complicated life because she has to manage her own business (she is an entrepreneur), the family menage and obviously help the young couple in organizing the upcoming wedding. The happy event, in fact, will be one month after the request of the commission for the comic and we have to start from scratch ... or almost. In fact, Letizia has a history, even very well written ... but it is very long !! :-(

So we have to simplify it a lot and create a real script. With Letizia we were a bit tyrannical with the times and we put her on the ropes: but this was necessary to be able to finish the job in time. You can't risk arriving long for a wedding gift ... to the son who gets married, then!

Ultimately we were able to put together a script with, text, photos, comics and captions within a week. We commissioned the work to Marialuisa (perfect with her refined and convincing humorous style) and within 10 days the work was ready to be paginated. Two days of editing for the affixing of the texts and off ... in print!

The comic, a splendid 20x20 volume with hardcover and printed on glossy paper, was delivered to the recipient one week before the deadline (record!).

Great satisfaction of Letizia for the times and the graphic quality of a gift that will surely be unforgettable for the newlyweds!

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