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When friendship becomes love ... a comic love!

Jessica from Bologna is super in love with her Johnny. Their story is made up of little big emotions that mark the time spent together and that Jessica wants to fix forever.

Memories entrusted to memory, escaped from the click of the smartphone, which risk fading with the passing of the years.

And then Jessica decides to entrust us with the mission of creating a personalized comic that tells her love story with Johnny in a fun, carefree but also original and unique way. Let's help Jessica write it, distilling the most salient moments. We collect the photos on Whatsapp and we commission Marialuisa, who has a perfect trait for this story.

Obviously we have a deadline to meet: the day Jessica delivers the printed comic to her love, to give him a very special gift.

We are obsessive about meeting deadlines, which is why we draw up the project, plan, optimize the times of scriptwriters, designers and printers.

The result is a beautiful printed comic with a full color and grayscale cover for the cartoons, stapled and delivered to Jessica's home a week in advance.

When Jessica receives the comic she immediately writes to us via Whatsapp and is super excited because what she is holding in her hands is not a simple comic. It is the most beautiful story of her life, which she will be able to browse and relive with her boyfriend, moving each time.

Jessica gives us yet another 5-star review and our satisfaction is at the cumline when we receive the photo of the two smiling boyfriends with the comic!

If you want more information about our commissioned comics click here .

Thanks Jessica ...

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