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Families (with naughty children) in comics

Luca contacts us from Genoa because he wants to make a special gift to two families he cares a lot about. He turns to ilmiofumetto.it to create two color cartoons in which he wants to represent the liveliness of the two children and the resignation of their very young parents.

We entrust the work to Francesca, who has an extremely fresh trait and who manages to grasp the similarities with impressive ease.

We work together with Luca on the particular moment he wants to represent and we opt for two moments of play: "battery of pots" and "explosion of toys". Luca wants to give these comic portraits as a gift before Easter and of course we are able to please him!

Luca is delighted with the final result and in addition to leaving us a 5-star review he gives us merciless advertising and passes our contacts to some of his friends and acquaintances. Find out more about our cartoon caricatures !

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