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Roberto wants to give a special gift to the woman he loves. Their love story is troubled and full of obstacles but Roberto does not give up, just as the indomitable prince frees his princess from the tower of the villain's castle, Roberto wants to become the protagonist of a fairy tale and become the champion of his loved.

So he commissions us a fairy tale to be completely invented: a challenge that we have already taken up in the past, thanks to the skill of our storytellers. We ask Roberto to provide us with some small holds on which to climb and build the plot. Some small details that allow us to learn more about him, his beloved, their history ... and that's it.

After having submitted to Roberto 3 different pitches (subjects) to choose from, we start with the writing of the fairy tale and of course we create the accompanying illustrations. Assignment assigned to the talented illustrator Caterina, who produces 16 beautiful color illustrations, full of magic, heroism and of course love! Between dragons, spells, sorcerers, the story of Robertus and Ley ends with the inevitable happy ending. Roberto liked the work so much that he also commissioned us an Audio Book version. So we entrusted the dubbing to a professional and created a true masterpiece: the set, clean and baritone voice of the talented Enrico, the music of great atmosphere by Danny Elfman, the sound effects contributed to an extraordinary result!

Once again ilmiofumetto.it has shown that it knows how to create absolutely unique products capable of giving very strong emotions.

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