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fumetto personalizzato

A special gift for a special friendship

We were very impressed by the true, intense and profound friendship that unites these two girls: Laura and Chiara know each other from school and theirs is a special relationship.

For this reason Laura does not choose a banal and obvious gift for her friend Chiara. Instead he decides to give her a very special gift, to give her a strong and genuine emotion. So he turns to ilmiofumetto.it to create a personalized comic to which he can entrust the story of such an intense and profound friendship.

The work we did together with Laura was meticulous: from the choice of the most important episodes, to the photos of the two girls, to the search for the most suitable trait to represent this special feeling between two soul mates with elegance and delicacy. We have thus entrusted our Giulio with this arduous task: the result is a clean, straightforward, crystalline and fresh comic like the friendship that binds Laura and Chiara.

We do not tell you Laura's immense joy when we delivered the comic to her home: she literally burst out with happiness from all pores! And we were as excited as she was for having participated in this partnership of love.

Greetings girls, for everything, from the heart!

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