cosa regalare al fidanzato


We were practically still sprawled under the umbrella, sipping tasty fruit cocktails and munching on chips and peanuts, when Chiara's request arrived.

We pin the pencils, dust off pantones and markers and ... the deadline is in scarce two weeks (practically 10 days) !! For a custom 24 page comic !! How do we do it?!


Luckily Chiara has very clear ideas (and it's not a play on words) and the subject is practically ready. The screenplay, on the other hand, was born on the seashore, between a sand castle and a refreshing bath.

Chiara sends us the photos in the blink of an eye and the first 2 tables are born in less than a day. The story is strong, the pace is high and then ... let's ride the wave!

On the third day we attack with inks and on the fourth day off with the gray scales. On the fifth day, final touches and layout. One day before God, we print and finally we rest.

Chiara receives her comic at home, printed and packaged, 2 days before the deadline. The comic is dedicated to Livio, the protagonist of the story, who in life is an ant with cicada ambitions.

A graphic result of which we ourselves are proud (we are notoriously self-critical!) For the quality of the work and above all for the speed of execution, the organizational effort, the ability to involve Chiara in our madness, to excite, to give a little magic ...


Chiara also tells us!

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