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Federica e il suo amore...per il cinema e la danza acrobatica

Federica and her love ... for cinema and acrobatic dance

Federica contacts us from Naples to create a custom comic on canvas. Federica has two great passions: aerial acrobatics with sheets and fabrics (noble circus art) and her boyfriend, who works in the film industry.

She would like to depict a scene of everyday life that recalls these two aspects of her life (which ordinarily have very little) to give it to her boyfriend, imprinted on a beautiful canvas to hang in their beautiful house in Vomero.

Federica visited our comics site on commission and she really liked our proposal for comics on canvas as a gift idea. After studying the idea, we sent it to her via whatsapp and Federica immediately fell in love with it.

A few small tweaks during the construction phase and the result was definitely appreciated. We were able to send it home two days before the already tight deadline we had!

Thanks Federica and keep twirling !!

original gift for boyfriend

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