Luca da Alessandria is a very affectionate father and together with his children he contacts us to create a personalized comic for his wife on Mother's Day.

The girls are literally thrilled with the idea and can't wait to see the finished comic! For this they help us and create some drawings that give us the idea to finalize the script. At the center of the story, of course, a super mom ... with a lot of things to do every day of the week: from work at school (she is a teacher), to the little girls' dance class, wash, iron, hold tidy house. In short, a set of many little things that at the end of the day make every mother a little bit special, a supermum!

And to make them feel all their affection, what could be better than creating a personalized comic with ilmiofumetto.it ?

We were passionate about this project right from the start and the collaboration with Luca was fantastic right from the start. This is why we decided to make a gift to this very special mother too !: a comic video with all the cartoons of the comic, the drawings of the girls who inspired us, a dedicated video ... all with the beautiful soundtrack of the Randy Newman's song "you've got a friend on me", which you will remember in Monster's & co. The result of this work was a beautiful stapled comic, entirely in color, made with a lot of love and passion.

Thanks to this beautiful family and best wishes to Supermom!

If you too want to create a custom comic, visit the page you find here and find out how! Or discover among our proposals the one that best suits you.

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