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Anna Laura from Siena wants to make a gift to her boyfriend. Both resident biologists have a visceral passion for medicine. The last years of study, however, have been intense and full of sacrifices. Between Covid to complicate things, nights in the laboratory, study and exams, Anna Laura and her boyfriend (with a nice group of friends) sweated seven shirts and to celebrate the end of such a troubled but also rich path of satisfaction Anna Laura has decided to write the screenplay for a comic story. When he contacted us he had already thought of everything and therefore - after making some small adjustments - we assigned the job to the legendary Gianfranco, one of the best cartoonists of the team. The story invented by Anna Laura is very funny: among unlikely doctors super heroes (in the role of Batman and Robin himself), Doctor Mel stands out, a scientist with an incredible wit but also a powerful ultrasonic guitar, able to defeat dangerous molecules. Between drinks of beer (and thunderous BURP) in the company of glorious Nordic gods, lightning and flashes of genius, Dr Mel will eventually win and find the definitive solution to the microscopic evil that threatens the world!

Well done Dr Mel, but also good Anna Laura… congratulations on your imagination!

Result: 24 pages of custom comic, paperback with flexible cover, full color = 5 star review with honors!

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