Giulia is a beautiful girl who contacts us from the equally beautiful Bologna because she wants to send special wishes to her husband on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

And what's more romantic than retracing the most exciting stages of their love story?

There are several ways to relive the most poignant and significant moments of a couple's journey: leafing through an album of old photos, reviewing some video shot with the smartphone or simply remembering the past in front of a glass of wine.

Giulia, on the other hand, decides to rely on the magical evocative power of comics, the only creative medium capable of perfectly evoking unique and unrepeatable atmospheres, amusing anecdotes, intense and unrepeatable emotions, which have escaped the indiscreet and cold gaze of a photographic lens.

Giulia relies on us and the skilled hands of Lorenzo, skilled illustrator of the ilmiofumetto.it family, to create a comic story with a didactic flavor, to be printed on canvas, ready to show off in the living room and warm the her heart and that of Eric, her husband.

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