cosa regalare al fidanzato


Debora contacts us from Switzerland. Her friend Francesca will get married next year. But the list of things to do is very long. Francesca and her husband Rafael, both resident in Switzerland, will marry in Portugal. So imagine what it means to organize such a wedding! It is for this reason that Debora offered to lend a hand to her dear friend who is soon to marry. He will take care of some things for you. Among these, the creation of a short video that tells the love story of this young couple. Not a banal video with photos and clips, but a comic story, entirely handmade by the artists of and edited in video with transition effects and soundtrack.

The video comic is one of our most sought after products for weddings because it makes the story of a love story much more beautiful and fascinating. And then, after defining the lineup, we entrust the task to the talented Samantha. 11 frames that retrace the fundamental stages in the life of this couple: a journey that begins with love at first sight in a supermarket (where Francesca works) and passing through Paris, Portugal, living together, will take them to their wedding day, in the summer of 2021. Just over a minute of video with the poignant music of Coldplay. We also produce a version with texts in Portuguese, given the location chosen for the wedding!

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