Some time ago Luca from Sassuolo (Mo) contacted us. Luca has a dream: to create a comic based on a story (subject in technical jargon) of his own invention. Unfortunately, he is not able to draw it himself and for this he sets out in search of someone who is able to do it. Among the various results that search engines propose, Luca is impressed by our site (which also always appears in the top positions !!). So he decides to entrust the realization of this desire to The style required is the realistic and the coloring technique, black and white. We work for a few days on the script, trying to optimize the number of cartoons to respect Luca's budget constraints. We manage to pack a story into 11 tables and we entrust the task to our Emanuele, from the Chiavari school of comics. Some tests on the main characters and Luca falls in love with Emanuele's talented trait!

The story is set in the distant future, in a hyper-tech metropolis, dark and rainy, invaded by flying machines, cyborgs and vigilantes (does that remind you of anything?). Little Violet escapes a car accident by running away from her kidnappers, but in a few moments she discovers that she is in far greater danger. Thus begins a breathtaking chase through the crowded alleys, which sees Violet flee from dangerous government hitmen, determined to capture her at any cost. Violet finds refuge inside a Bar but ... let's not reveal anything else!

It took four months to complete the 11 plates of this gripping graphic novel! Months of hard work, of chisel and chisel, of incessant search for perfection, of chat exchanges with Luca and Emanuele. A team effort that made the client participate in the creation of a small masterpiece, of exceptional quality and narrative rhythm. Emanuele, a tireless craftsman, endowed with an immeasurable talent, has given life to characters of the highest quality. Always ready to look for and suggest the best shot, the taste for detail, the obsessive attention to detail, he has never been afraid to get involved, even at the cost of editing, deleting, redoing ... The result is a comic. of very high graphic quality, almost cinematic, which travels at the same speed as the tracer bullets that endanger the life of the protagonist and force the reader to hold his breath, until the end, which is the prelude to a new twist ...

Luca wanted to reward us with a splendid 5-star review and now that this project has closed, the desire to continue, to follow up on a story that has bewitched us and has left us with the desire to find out how it is going remains. finish. Think about it, Luca. We are there ... when you want!

If you too have a story that you want to turn into a comic, trust the best. Ask for a quick and no-obligation quote from You will be able to count on a large number of professionals including screenwriters and designers in every possible style, from realistic to humorous, to manga, etc.

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