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Creating your own comic has never been easier

With we transform every story into a personalized comic!

If you have a story to tell and you want to do it in an engaging, unique, exciting way, trust our expert cartoonists. Together we can create a customized comic for you.

Comics on commission are a special gift because they are made to measure, built with care in the smallest details, together with you. It's not just about creating witty cartoons.

It is something more. It is your story; that of the people you love. It is a piece of real life, memories kept in the most hidden corners of the heart, which resurface - thanks to the creative genius of our illustrators - with an evocative power that no photo can boast.

These are moments that are fixed forever on a beautiful glossy page, with their most authentic atmospheres and that you will have the pleasure of reliving whenever you want, years later, when the memory becomes thinner.

It is the craftsmanship and meticulous work of professionals in comics that makes them so special, a work that still smells of paper, pencil, ink, colors.

Forget about sterile applications to create comics, image processing software. Creating a comic story requires commitment, skill, an obsession with details and a lot of passion. It requires diligent work with the client, to literally enter its history, to know its implications, to understand its low and high notes.

We at can create something literally magical.

For you, for a special gift, for fun, to amaze, move, excite.

Contact us to request a personalized quote or simply for more information!

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In detail, here's how it works:

  1. Choose the type of work from single illustrations or comics. We can create any type of comic illustration or story. If you don't find your genre among our standard proposals, you can visit the custom comic section. If you already have the story in mind, you can try writing it. You can use this MO D ULO to write the lineup of the various scenes or cartoons. If, on the other hand, you are not sure whether you know how to tell the story you have in mind or you simply do not have the desire or time to write it, do not worry, you can contact our experts and together we will build the best story possible. We will also be able to provide you with a first quote and adapt to your budget, if you have spending limits, providing you with the creative solution that best suits your needs.
  2. It is important that you take action as soon as possible to collect all the photos and images you need: we will give you some simple rules for selecting and sending the photos (which you can also upload to a shared area of ​​our Google Drive ) and this will save you time, especially if you have tight deadlines.
  3. Usually during the processing of the comic (or any other product) we ask for a deposit of a variable amount as a percentage of the final amount (max 50%). It will be possible to pay directly on the site, by credit card or by bank transfer. The balance is paid upon delivery.
  4. When we begin to draw, constant contact with the customer (whatsapp is the means we definitely prefer), guarantees an extraordinary result: the request for information, even if apparently trivial, is always functional to maximum customization and therefore do not be surprised if requests will arrive from time to time. like "... what's your best friend's name?", "... what was the restaurant where you made your first date?". It is the search for detail that makes this work a tailor-made suit for your emotions !! We may be a little pushy and intrusive but we do it to deliver you a flawless product. Normally the creative phase lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. It is in this period of time that the maximum frequency of requests to the customer takes place (specifications, anecdotes, photos, etc ...). We share every step of the creative phase: from drafts, to inks, to coloring and finally the pre-print layout. If there is something to revise, it is done without problems, in compliance with some simple rules that will be illustrated in the script document.
  5. After the creative phase (drawings, illustrations and coloring), we move on to the layout, that is to the creation of tables including cartoons and texts. We are talking about 1-2 weeks.
  6. Finally, the comic book is printed. We rely on suppliers of undoubted quality such as PHOTOSI, PIXARTPRINTING. 4GRAPH, etc. Generally printing (and subsequent delivery) takes place within a week / 10 working days. Delivery always takes place by express courier and you will receive a tracking code in order to follow the delivery status in real time.
  7. If you are satisfied with our service we will invite you to leave a positive review on our homepage (at the bottom of the page). Reviews are very important to us because they guide the choices of future customers and express our way of working. In case you are not satisfied ... we will do everything to make you so!

1) I don't know if I am capable of writing a story ...

R. Don't worry, we'll help you! Download HERE the form to write the lineup. You just have to make a little memory effort! If, on the other hand, you really think you can't do it, rely completely on us!

2) How do you turn the characters into comics?

A. No tricks, we create comics on the photos, entirely handmade.

3) I would like to do a slightly different thing ...

A. We can fulfill any customization request. Our philosophy is: 100% personalized comic !!

4) In what format can I have my comic?

A. You can choose a photo book type print in different formats (20x20 as standard, 20x30, A5, ...), with hard or flexible cover, on coated or glossy paper, or matte photo quality. You can also print on rigid supports such as forex panels, cotton canvases, plexiglass and even steel foil! If you want it is possible to receive only the digital version with a file in .pdf or .jpeg format. Finally, it is possible to create a video comic: birthday video, anniversary video, fairy tale video. If you have any other requests please let us know and we will try to accommodate you in every way.

5) How long does it take to get my comic?

A. It depends on the number of cartoons we will have to make.

6) Where will you ship my comic?

A. The comic is shipped directly to your home, or wherever you want. Shipments are made by express courier and can all be tracked through a tracking code.

7) How much does my comic cost?

A. Please note that the comics we make are handmade and unique products. They require not only the work of the draftsman, but also that of the screenwriter, the illustrator, the photo-composer. Find a quote form on each product page that allows you to make a quote in real time. This is an indicative price but we can guarantee that the final price will not differ much. In some cases (very few in fact) it will not be possible to obtain a price and you will have to rely on our assistance service.

8) How can I pay?

A. You can pay by credit card (SSL certified secure transaction) or by bank transfer.

9) Can I preview my comic before printing it?

R. Sure! We normally communicate with customers through Whatsapp and in this way we are able to share pencil drafts, inked cartoons, definitive tables. Before going to press we will be sure that the result obtained will be in line with your expectations and approved.

10) I am not satisfied with the result. What can I do?

R. With you have the possibility to follow all the phases of the creative process, from the realization of the sketches, to the inking, to the affixing of texts and cartoons. The revision is contemplated but under certain conditions - which will be clearly expressed in the acceptance phase of the script. You can read our REVISIONS POLICY at the bottom of the PRICES page. Obviously if something is still wrong, we will do our best to find the best solution and make you 100% satisfied!

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