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Lucrezia contacted us from the province of Florence and precisely from the charming Empoli. She wanted to make a gift for her husband who will soon turn 50! What better occasion to celebrate with the customized comic solutions of ilmiofumetto.it?

Lucrezia had already had a look at our product gallery and was very well prepared: she wanted to create a simpson portrait to print on a t-shirt and create a comic strip.

For the simpson caricature he wanted us to reproduce her husband as the legendary Homer, busy playing at the play station, sitting comfortably on the sofa sipping a bottle of Duff. No sooner said than done!

While for the custom comic, Lucrezie was looking for suggestions and ideas for a short comic, so we helped her create a short comic story that played on her husband's passions, culminating in a 50th birthday cartoon.

Our talented Marianna (Simpson) and Giulia took care of the work and the comic was eventually printed on a plastic panel, size 3x40. Great satisfaction for Lucrezia!

Ilmiofumetto.it boasts almost 30 products in the catalog and a team of professionals trained in the best comic schools in Italy, able to draw in every possible style . We also guarantee that we are committed to finding the best solution for your pocket. If you have a budget we will suggest the best possible option for you. We have a customer service that is always active and able to assist you at any time. Read our reviews and you will find out why almost 200 customers gave us 4.9 !!! What are you waiting for! Ask us for a quote now and create your personalized comic book!

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