Armando contacts us from the province of Viterbo because he wants to make a special gift to his son Tommaso, who will soon come of age.

We are proud and thrilled to be able to help Armando in this matter. Creating a custom comic is a professional thing, but when it comes to ideas for a short comic, it's a different story. It takes great ability to synthesize and graphic skills out of the ordinary. We supported Armando in the creation of the story: we wanted to satisfy his request to combine serious messages (as a father) with a little lightness, so we retraced the stages of Tommaso's life, using an ironic and carefree tone.

For the drawings we relied 100% on the irrepressible expressiveness of Gianfranco (one of the best humorous caricaturists of our staff). The result was absolutely fabulous and we hope Tommy likes it too! boasts almost 30 products in the catalog and a team of professionals trained in the best comic schools in Italy, able to draw in every possible style . We also guarantee that we are committed to finding the best solution for your pocket. If you have a budget we will suggest the best possible option for you. We have a customer service that is always active and able to assist you at any time. Read our reviews and you will find out why almost 200 customers gave us 4.9 !!! What are you waiting for! Ask us for a quote now and create your personalized comic book!

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