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Fabio contacts us from Milan. For the 40th anniversary of his wife Francesca he would like to give her a truly special and unique gift. He starts looking for original gift ideas and comes across our site ilmiofumetto.it and precisely in the comic biography .

Fabio chooses Natale among the different style proposals. Ilmiofumetto.it is the only one in Italy to offer a service for the creation of personalized comics, giving the customer the opportunity to choose from many different styles: humorous, caricature, cartoon, realistic, manga and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, Fabio was able to avail himself of the help of professional screenwriters who helped him make the right choices and calibrate the story on the budget at his disposal.

The comic commissioned by Fabio required a very complex process and a continuous comparison. Fortunately, with us at ilmiofumetto.it you can count on 24/7 assistance from a project coordinator responsible for all stages of processing and an indispensable link between the client and the artists. The customer participates in all stages of processing and is constantly involved and updated.

And this is what Fabio had the opportunity to experience: a creative journey that led him to the conception of an absolutely unique and tailor-made product, like a tailored suit!

Fabio's comic has become a splendid 32-page volume, bound in paperback, entirely in color with a hard cover. Result: yet another 5-star review!

If you too are looking for an original gift to do perhaps for next Christmas, stop looking for useless and futile gifts and take a look at our proposals .

You will surely find the one that suits you best. Ask for a no-obligation quote now. We will reply in less than 1h !!

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