Un regalo a distanza per Claudia

A distant gift for Claudia

Claudia is a nurse in a COVID hospital in Rome. Only you know how difficult this period has been! Yet she found a way to make a nice thought for someone special. A gift idea that in times of social distancing can be literally perfect: a personalized comic. Claudia commissioned us an illustration that portrayed a friend of hers in the midst of her dearest things: things that have a precise meaning for Claudia and for the protagonist. These are details, apparently trivial objects, but which are not trivial because they are part of his universe. And then the room where the scene takes place is crowded: a poster of "Il Corvo", cardboard boxes with improbable labels, an electric bass guitar, comics, a painting that portrays the members of a famous roc group, a small vanilla flower, toy triceratops, etc. A small domestic world, which in these days of forced quarantine must have taken on an “ultra-earthly” dimension. The drawings are by the talented Emanuele, who was able to make the scene hyper-realistic. Claudia was satisfied and gave us 5 stars! We hope to have given her emotions ...

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