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Mariangela lives in Collodi. Does it remind you of anything? Exactly! This is precisely the country of Pinocchio! And we cartoonists are particularly attached to this beautiful character and his cartoon version that the great Walt Disney has masterfully created for the big screen.

Mariangela wants to make a funny and playful gift to a dear doctor friend by telling the daring adventures he experienced during a train journey from Brindisi to Pisa.
The poor unfortunate protagonist found himself facing the most absurd situations triggered by a trivial accident due to a faulty olive oil can.
The story lends itself to a comic transposition that Mariangela wanted to represent on canvas.
We had fun making this short comic that in the end impressed our Mariangela to the point of making us deserve five stars of review !!
Thanks Mariangela and we hope that your doctor friend from now on can always travel peacefully!

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