idea regalo originale per lei


Cristian and his partner met at work and from day one he was literally captivated by her charm and smile. Unfortunately, their relationship could not manifest itself in the light of the sun because the company in which they both work does not look favorably on these things. For this reason their love blossomed and grew away from prying eyes, amid a thousand difficulties and a lot of discretion. Many moments stolen and lived with intensity, accompanied by their favorite drink, a Vodka Lemon. Cristian told us everything with love and passion because he wanted this gift to be truly original and unique. And we, as usual, have put all possible attention into it. We entrusted the task to Christmas, a designer with a very effective stroke, with romantic tones, capable of combining synthesis and delicacy, poetry and narration.

The result of this work was a comic in grayscale, bound in staple, with a color cover. Cristian was very happy with the result and left us a nice 5 star review!

Thanks Cristian. We wish you and your girlfriend that your love can be flaunted with the pride of those who love freely and unconditionally!

If you too want to make a truly unique gift to your girlfriend, find out how on the page dedicated to personalized comics !

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