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Walter contacts us from the province of Varese because he absolutely wants to create a Simpson-style illustration to print on canvas or panel and hang at home. Luckily we at ilmiofumetto.it have a whole selection of gift ideas and among these there is one dedicated to the legendary THE SIMPSON . Unlike other sites that have specialized in this type of illustrations, ilmiofumetto.it 100% personalizes the customer's request and is not so rigid in pricing. We also have lower prices and are quicker to implement. But what matters most is that the customer can supervise the entire process because all the steps are shared and the customer can adjust the game and request small changes. Finally, we can print on many types of different supports (canvases, panels, framed paintings, plexiglass, mobile phone covers, t-shirts, etc.

This is why Walter turned to ilmiofumetto.it to commission his Simpson-style portrait.

If you are looking for an original gift idea for Christmas, know that this year unfortunately you will not have the opportunity to go Christmas shopping with the same ease as in previous years and if you are the type of the last minute gift ilmiofumetto.it can be the right solution for you. Perfect as gifts at a distance, our gift ideas are made and delivered to your home without you having to worry about packaging and delivering the gift. We'll take care of it for you!

Ask for a no obligation quote. We will reply to you within 1h!

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