regalo 60 anni


Marco is an "old" customer. Some time ago we made a custom comic on the love story with his girlfriend (who in the meantime became the mother of his son) and, mindful of that experience, he decided to turn again to for a birthday gift to his uncle Beppe. This character's story is littered with entertaining anecdotes, professional successes and joyful family events that made his first 60 years absolutely unforgettable. So, thanks to Marco's collaboration, we were able to distill Beppe's exciting existence into 16 key moments. We have entrusted the creation of the cartoons to the good Dario, new entry of the team, with a very particular graphic sign, vaguely grotesque, with references to Magnus inks and 70s comics. We were thus able to pack a photo book of rare beauty, with a photographic section at the end and a nice happy birthday dedication. Happy birthday Beppe!

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