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Fabrizio contacted us a few months ago and we were immediately impressed with his visionary approach to the business he manages successfully. Fabrizio is at the top of a company that deals with chemical hoods. Don't worry, we didn't know anything about it either! These are collective protective devices that are installed in chemical laboratories. A niche product, therefore, but one that can make the difference between vine and death. Fabrizio is strongly committed to safety at work because, in fact, he sells safety! Thanks to its hoods, thousands of laboratory technicians can count on zero chemical risk work environments and therefore totally avoid the dangers of intoxication or even worse of tumor diseases.

Fabrizio has also written a book (Apocalysse Zombie, ed) which deals with the deaths that every year are caused by the incorrect use or by the scarce or non-existent maintenance of these very important tools that are the chemical hoods. Fabrizio holds conferences, collaborates with public institutions, such as universities, hospitals, medical health centers to raise awareness as many people as possible on this issue. The latest invention of the volcanic Fabrizio put us on his way: Fabrizio contacted ilmiofumetto.it to create a comic story that would tell, through a story with Marvelian flavors, the epic of a laboratory technician, who thanks (or despite ) an accident at work acquires extraordinary powers that can be put at the service of the chemical community. We worked on it for months, with great patience and passion. The script alone took nearly two weeks of hard work to finally see the light. It was an epic project, during which we had the pleasure and honor of joining the Technocappe ® team, even if not with operational tasks, contributing to the noble mission of education and prevention against the chemical risk that Fabrizio carries on with a lot of determination and a sense of responsibility. A work so monumental that it took over a month to choose the designer. Choice that fell on the talented Micol Racchi, from the Chiavari school of comics. Micol did her utmost in a very hard task that forced her to delve into a very technical and completely unknown subject. This required a gigantic work of documentation, preparation, continuous revision, which was certainly facilitated by the prompt availability of Fabrizio, but which still made the creative process extremely complex. Micol must be acknowledged with a determination and a willingness out of the ordinary, as well as - obviously - a talent that is nothing short of monstrous. Faced with the constant requests of a perfectionist like Fabrizio, she never wavered and promptly carried out all the directives we gave her during the processing. Months later we have seen this titanic comic project grow and take shape. And now that we have reached the end, we will miss the long chats, the voice messages, exchanged at any time of day and night, the small misunderstandings, but above all the very strong "commitment" towards achieving a common goal.

In these days "Captain K and the Dark Chemist" comes to life (in the sense that it is printed), from an original subject by Fabrizio Cirillo, screenplay by Luca Buonaccorsi, drawings and inks by Micol Racchi. We are proud to have participated in this initiative and we would be delighted to be able to work again with a great entrepreneur like Fabrizio Cirillo.

A premium color version will also be released in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

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