happy il leone


comics for companies

The collaboration with U-Power continues through the adventures of Happy and the U-Power team, written by children thanks to a splendid initiative of the company that aims to raise awareness among the little ones on the importance of safety at work. Happy the lion and his trusted collaborators are constantly engaged in the search for new solutions designed for the well-being and safety of workers. This time the villain of the moment is the terrible Dr Accidentio. But once again the lion Happy and his team will find a way to save the workers from this threat, defeating the enemy and safeguarding the safety of the workers.

generate leads

U-Power believed in the ilmiofumetto.it project and 100% embraced the philosophy of Comics 4 Business , the business division of ilmiofumetto.it that develops communication projects for companies. Comics as a media has enormous and largely unexpressed potential and C4B wants to reveal it and make it available to businesses of all sizes to support brands, products and services. C4B has a toolkit consisting of 4 low-cost and high-impact products, designed to improve communication and the positioning of companies in an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace. With the comic language C4B proposes an innovative, catcy, flexible and extremely effective media.

Contact ilmiofumetto.it with confidence and ask for information without obligation. We would study your business case and propose the C4B product that best suits your needs.