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Marco from the province of Sondrio and precisely from the splendid Valchiavenna, must have been particularly inspired by the wonderful mountain landscapes, when he asked us to create a comic based on one of his stories. As soon as we read it, we realized that it was a fairy tale, which was very well written.

So we proposed to Marco to keep his narrative creation intact and to illustrate the most significant scenes to create a beautiful hardcover and paperback book, in large format, just as he used to when we were little.

Who does not remember these imposing tomes, with colorful covers, that parents or grandparents held in their hands, declaiming tales full of magic and fairytale landscapes?

Well we at are able to create a personalized fairy tale from scratch, inventing it from scratch. And then we are obviously able to illustrate it. So we illustrated Marco's fairy tale and thanks to the skill of our Tommaso, we created a beautiful book. Marco created this fairy tale to tell the love story with his girlfriend and so he decided to give it to her. A super romantic and super original gift, which will surely be a cornerstone of the love of this young couple. Finale strictly open and all to be written ... good via Fruttolo and Fruttola! boasts almost 30 products in the catalog and a team of professionals trained in the best comic schools in Italy, able to draw in every possible style . We also guarantee that we are committed to finding the best solution for your pocket. If you have a budget we will suggest the best possible option for you. We have a customer service that is always active and able to assist you at any time. Read our reviews and you will find out why almost 200 customers gave us 4.9 !!! What are you waiting for! Ask us for a quote now and create your personalized comic book!

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