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Valerio from the province of Alessandria contacted us to commission us a porn comic.

An expert of the genre and a loyal collector, Valerio wanted at all costs to bring to completion the last issue of a series in vogue in the 80s which was called “SBARRE”.

The publisher , due to censorship problems, had been forced to interrupt the publication of this series and the last issue had come out unfinished (there should have been a sequel).

So we took up the challenge and, after careful and scrupulous documentation, we submitted 3 possible pitches to Valerio. Valerio chose the one that he thought best embodied the spirit of the comic series. So we entrusted Nicolas, a new entry from the Chiavari school of comics (I swear it's a coincidence :-) LOL) the drawings of this somewhat grim and very hardcore story. Her very realistic and rough stroke was perfect for this job. But it all started with the formidable mind of Axel, one of our most volcanic screenwriters and this guaranteed the success of the mission.

The comic, consisting of 50 cartoons and 40 pages, was faithfully printed according to the canons of the time: same format, same paper, same advertising that was made inside the volume. In short, we wanted to create a perfect copy ... and we believe we have succeeded.

Valerio was so happy that he promised us a new commission shortly.

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